Dance Theatre Company

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Tournage IMAGO FILM. Photo Pascal Montjovent
Tournage IMAGO FILM. Photo Pascal Montjovent
Tournage IMAGO FILM. Photo Pascal Montjovent
Tournage IMAGO FILM. Photo Pascal Montjovent
Tournage IMAGO FILM. Photo Pascal Montjovent


                                                                        Future Dates:


                 Premiere 26.02.2020 - 29.02.2020: Theatre de l'Etincelle,Geneva

                                Choreography and Art serving the community.

Creating imaginative, innovative, stimulating choreography and physical theatre for the stage, the community. 

The goal of the company is to connect and find connections between the art and artifice of the stage and the community in today's society. Bringing dance and theatre to the expected and unexpected of places, from the stage to schools  and even to the hustle and bustle of the local flea market.

We aim to Reach out and open ways for the community to share and enjoy imaginative, fun and thought provoking choreography within everyday life. 


We specialise in creating shows for the stage, festivals, art galleries, museums, the street, in short, in any space called for. We give Tailor madeworkshops, for schools, within the local community and beyond.

The company DIVISAR was founded by Mehdi Duman in 2014 as a non-lucratif performance company with its roots based in experimental and creative dance and theatre. 

Origin of our name

Divisar ‎(first-person singular present diviso, first-person singular preterite divisé, past participle divisado)

  1. to perceive
  2. to descry
  3. on the horizon
  4. seeing

Algunas veces divisé arriba una luz muy blanca; otras creí oír un gemido. Jorge Luis Borges.

Cuentan que Ulises, harto de prodigios,
lloró de amor al divisar su Itaca
verde y humilde. El arte es esa Itaca
de verde eternidad, no de prodigios.

"They say Ulysses, wearied of wonders,
wept with love on seeing Ithaca,
humble and green. Art is that Ithaca,
a green eternity, not wonders." "Arte Poética, Jorge Luis Borges."

★★★★ Anchored in Joy

ThePeg Review

"This is a joyous delight."

"The show is sensual and erotic from the outset."

"The authenticity and integrity of the performances from Elsa Couvreur and Mehdi Duman are utterly beguiling."

"Full disclosure, I am not normally a dance fan. I was, however, delighted!"

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