Artistic Director Mehdi Duman

Artistic Director: Mehdi Duman

After studying theatre at the Richmond Drama School in London and at l'ecole Serge Martin in Geneva. Mehdi Duman worked with James Thierree on the show Raoul as a dancer and puppeteer. Aquiring experience and enriching his stage craft with James Thierree while on a world tour with Raoul from 2009 to 2013. In 2014 the company Divisar was founded in Geneva, with the first show i-Petrolus, inspired from his expérience working with James Thierre and Victoria Chaplin, he set out on the construction of set and costumes to create a complet show of his own imaginative take on the worlds complex relation with petrol. Since 2010 Mehdi has also worked with other companies, alternating between theatre and dance. Street theatre with 2 companies based in Geneva, Zanco in 2010 and the Company Helice in 2012. He has worked as an actor, in French plays in 2013 and 2014 in Switzerland. As a dancer for the company dance Habile and the company Velvet Blues he participated in the creation of there 2 shows on Dionysus and Floyd in 2015. He is also a film actor with four short film credits to his name.

Mehdi Duman's next show will be as a dancer for the company VelvetBlues at the Galpon theatre in Geneva, "Le Temps Nu-Pasolini" from the 18-20.03.2016.