Password: anchor

Performed at "les journées Tac Tac Tac" in Lausanne on the 21.04.2018

Residency Dansometre, Vevey, Swiss, 15.01.2018 - 21.01.2018.

Performance (Work in Progress) Festival Antigel, 28.01.2018.

Residency H107, ST-JEAN, Geneva, 12.03.2018 - 18.03.2018.

Performance (Work in Progress) Festival TAC TAC TAC, ST-Martin, Lausanne, 21.04.2018.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 03.08.2018 - 11.08.2018

Anchor, that is thrown into the sea to steady a ship, a boat upon one's course. But can also keep one from further discoveries and adventures. Is it possible to continue our journey's all while keeping one's feet upon the ground?

Anchor is a duo about unconditional love. Travelling through, desire, conflit, joy and heartbreak. Despair, anger, harmony and song. Can we find a way to keep hold of our individual path's? All while walking upon one unified path? Being a couple.

Anchor aims to explore the way our emotions and characters navigate and breathe within couple life. In a light and playful form the choreographer's Elsa Couvreur and Mehdi Duman aim to tackle this unending theme, love.

Trailer for Anchor: 

« What is love? Does it consume you? Does it burn you? Is love something evil? Love isn't something you can take in your hands, it's not something solid like that, love ain't sex.

You can hold onto another body, you can grapple, you can fondle, you can play, you can feel, you can doodle, you can twitter, you can whatsapp. When you're doing it, you do, you can do do and do...

You can take it in between you hands.

But that's not love!

That's not love!

Love is some strange untangible, mysterious, abstract force. where do we go wrong? Or where do most of us go wrong? We try to tame, to control, what is and will always be free.

Because love is freedom...Because love is a bird...Love is a bird. Rrrrouu Rrrouuu.... Rrouu Rrroouuu... » 

Choreography and Interpretation: Elsa Couvreur & Mehdi Duman

Text: Mehdi Duman