The company Divisar's first creation. Performed at the theatre de la Parfumerie in Geneva and Theatre Oriental, Vevey in 2014 for a total of 23 representations.

Based upon the ancient myth Hades and Persephone, brought to life in today's modern world, where the need and greed for Oil exceeds man's reach. The god of the underworld awakes from a long slumber only to find his kingdom peopled by barrels of petrol, where he takes as a valet the current Keatonesque caretaker, bemused by the old king's aura. This Valet reveals to him the sleeping Persephone encased in stone. The God Hades thus awakens his love Persephone, but also awakens the mother Goddess Demeter. And so the battle for the young woman's love begins between mother and lover.

This tale unfolds before the audience's eye's among a wall of Petrol barrels and river of phantomesque clothes, sewn togther to form a sleeping army who obey the characters every command. They take the audience on a visual journey through the imaginative world that is i-Petrolus.

La Parfumerie de Genève 16.09.2014 - 05.10.2014 (Switzerland)

Theatre Oriental, Vevey 03.12.2014 - 07.12.2014 (Switzerland)

Concept and Choreography: Mehdi Duman

Performers: Erika Pirl, Nims Duman, Mathieu Ziegler, Mehdi Duman

Assitant direction: Eva Marzi

Assistant Choreography: Erika Pirl

light Design: Yannick Cochain

Sound Design: Clive Jenkins

Costumes: Mehdi Duman, Erika Pirl, Mathieu Ziegler, Nims Duman

Set Design & Construction: Mehdi Duman, Nims Duman

Wardrobe: Dinara Tipaeva

Photography & Video: Toma Knezovic

Design Poster & Flyer: Natalia Scioni & Eva Marzi

Production: CIE DIVISAR

Co Production: City of Geneva, The Lottery Romand, The Republic of Geneva, Foundation Ernst Gohner, Theatre Oriental & Parfumerie de Genève.

Special Thanks: ADC Genève, the Comedie de Genève, Theatre Usine Geneva, Theatre Carouge Geneva & Maxime Curchod.